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Hungry? Want tasty food? Noodles, Dosas, Wheat roti, Pasta, Burger? Thinking about health?

Let’s try ‘Quinoa’ (pronounced ‘Keen-Wa’)

If you are a vegetarian and are pondering a while on good quick source of protein – then yes, Quinoa is for you. A 100g of Quinoa will give you 14g of protein! Yes, no kidding. This means it is equivalent to 1/3rd of your daily value requirement of protein for body. Typically for a breakfast, you would need 1 cup or a 60 grams of Quinoa – if you are a light eater. 1 1/2 cups is generally consumed by a healthy male adult. Simply put – if you are a vegetarian, go and grab one pack of quinoa from the store, right now!

Gluten is is form of protein composite that comes with the wheat and related grains and gluten gives the elasticity to dough. For some people gluten can cause adverse health issues – abdominal gas, diarrhea, migraines and what not. So many choose to avoid gluten in the food. But if you want proteins and also want a gluten free diet, get the Quinoa now – it is gluten free for the fact that it is a “seed”, unlike other “grains”.

Are you a over eater or have that tendency to eat every food that flashes in front of your eyes? What you need to eat is food that is low in glycemic index – that digests slowly and stimulate hunger slowly.

Cooked Qunioa is found to have glycemic index 18 (according to nutritiondata.com) which is very low even comparing to cooked wheat!! Also Quinoa scores comparatively more on wheat by its Calcium, Iron, Magnesium content – so if you are thinking about maintaining good muscles – Quinoa, you choose!

Grab a mirror and check your skin – are you feeling it’s loosing the sheen it was earlier? Feeling aged look – what all you need is antioxidants. When comparing with legumes, many cereals – studies found that Quinoa scored way better than others. Make a promise to eat some Quinoa several times and get that re freshened feeling! Due to the inherent property of high protein content, Quinoa increases the body metabolism and reduces the appetite significantly. So want to look slimmer? Grab the Quinoa!

Still there are many comparisons where Quinoa scores better than other grains, we like the fact that Quinoa can be easily integrated with our regular cooking styles. For example – typical Indian foods upma, idly, roti can very well be prepared with Quinoa. Western dishes – salads, pasta, burger patties can very well be replaced with Quinoa. Quinoa’s popularity is growing – the fact that is “super healthy” food is making the chefs worldwide to come up with Quinoa alternatives to all famous recipes.

Another thing that is foreseeable with growing demand for Quinoa is drop in prices due to increased production worldwide. Quinoa is easily grown with little water table. Food and Agricultural Organization of United Nations (FAO) has branded Quinoa has “high nutrient value” food that is essential to maintain world’s food security.

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